Need A Personal Loan Without Returns? Get The Tips Here

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If you need a personal loan to satisfy your needs and you do not want to pass through the rituals involved in the entire process leading to the approval of such loans, then must read through the credible sources that we have provided below.

The Cosigner

If you do not have a credit score that you call your own and you are determined to access the loan through a lending house that demands for a credit score, then you can get what you wanted by proxy through the involvement of someone that have the confidence in you and is ready to be a cosigner in the deal with his credit score as the basis for the approval of the personal loan.

Where Credit Score Is No Issue

There are alternatives to the scenario painted above. You can as well trade with your bank if the conditions on offer are favorable. If you can build a strong financial relationship with them, the record of your performances through your account will be there for them to see and that will form the basis on which your loan request will be granted even with the issue of collateral. If their charges on the loan are favorable, then you can as well get what you wanted through them.

If the two scenarios of getting the personal loan without collateral do not fancy you, then we shall consider the last option whereby you can get the personal loan without collateral through online sources. The following are online lending houses that you can trust to get the best results:


You can get the personal loan to the tune of $50,000 through this vendor. Loans gotten here can be used to pay off your not too worthy credit card and can be used to consolidate on other types of debts. Your history such as education, job history and the area of study are the major considerations that this online lending house will consider before granting the loan. The process is pretty easy. The APR (Annual Percentage Rates) that they give borrowers is according to the financial profile of your status and it ranges between 6.00% to 29.99% The repayment period is either 36 months or 60 months.

Payday Loan Companies

This is another area that you can look up to for the much desired personal loan but this should be the last resort in the absence of all others because of the heavy APR that you will be expected to sign before the loan is given. The average expected APR here is around 400% as against 10% when you have a good credit score from other banks. The interest rates are also high, if you apply through this online source, you should be prepared to pay more. This source has credibility hence our recommendation, but you should only consider them if you are only in dire need of money.

Credit Unions

Unionism cuts across all the countries of the world and they are vibrant in virtually all the notches in life. For registered members of such unions, they are entitled to personal loans without any credit card or collateral. What you need as proof of worthiness is your payslip which will indicate your ability to pay the amount borrowed every month. Such repayment plans are deducted from the source before the balance will get to you.  If you are affiliated with some organizations for those that are self-employed; then you can easily contact them to confirm your eligibility status. Where you are eligible, the personal loan will be granted without any issues following.


Though this online lending outfit will demand to see the credit of some applicant, we are including them on the list because they have provided for those that do not have a credit score that one can be proud of. The process leading to granting the loans is very quick. This is one attribute of this outfit that sets them in worthy class among the options that are available because, within three days, the funds will be deposited in your account. You can check your interest rates without affecting your credit score. You can get loans of up to $40,000 through this source and the repayment period is between 36 or 60 months. The APR is between 6.95% to 35.89% and it is based on your creditworthiness.


It is now up to you, we have discussed all the options available if you want to get a personal loan without credit. It can be through your local bank if the rates are that favorable. You can explore the option of a trusted ally who has faith in you and will sign as a cosigner with his credit card. We also gave the option of credible online sources.