72 Hours is All It Takes to Get a Better Credit Score

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It does not have to cost you to raise your credit score and do it fast, even within 72 hours. You have a free option there. It is not going to cost you a penny. Just follow our advice on how to do this and you will be amazed by the result on your Credit Score.

It is important to know how the credit system works here before you can think about raising your Credit Score. Understand that it is important to know the major factors in the calculation. You have a certain amount of credit available and you probably have a certain amount of that credit used. Find out what the ratio is.

Let us try to illustrate this with an example. If you spend 90 dollars for the purchase of an item with a credit card that has 100 dollars as the limit, that means you use 90% of the total amount you could be using.

See what you can do, what you can shift around so that it looks that you do not ever use more than 50% of any card limit. Your Credit Score goes up with up to 50 points by doing that. Even if you do not manage to do that with more than one card it will be worth it.

Take one of the next two steps.

1. You can pay to what is owed so the balance stays below half of your limit.

2. See if you have an option to increase your limit. It will be worth it to make some phone calls.

If you are able to get a higher limit, let us say 200 dollars instead of the 100 dollars, you drop below the 50 % used of your limit.

We are getting to the point how this can be done fast, as in a time frame of 72 hours.

Go to a lender, even your potential mortgage lender, and ask them to do what is called a rapid re-score. Most lenders do not mind to pay for this procedure if they see that you are a serious potential customer. After all, it makes it more likely that you qualify for a loan they can issue you.

Something you should definitely not forget…

Mention to the credit card company you are calling to get a higher limit that you need an offer in writing with the new limit. Make sure your name and the number of your account or clearly stated in this letter.

You want proof for the Credit Bureau that their records on you need to be updated. Expect to see a nicer Credit Score within 72 hours.